Game-changing technique to boost your child's soccer achievements. Leverage on proven secrets of top talent hubs globally and get your child to accelerate on the performance superhighway.
Video Masterclass Reveals
3 Powerful Secrets To
Turbocharge Your Child's
Soccer Trajectory
In This Cutting-Edge Video Masterclass You Will Learn :
Secret 1
How the World's best talent
hotspots develop elite players
Secret 2
How Your Child can use the
same methods to get ahead
Secret 3
How to Overcome the Barriers
that stop most young Players
All you need to know in one place.
Unique course for Parents whose child is very keen to play at the Highest level.
Simply following the crowd and training in the same way that other players do, won't enable your child to stand out. Your child needs to gain an edge over the rest.
This video masterclass will give you the insights to help your child gain that edge.
It reveals extremely powerful secrets about the world's best talent hotspots and the know-how to implement those SAME techniques for your child - wherever you are - without wasting money or time in expensive and worthless coaching gimmicks.
Deepak Khanolkar, India / Netherlands

I have done enough FIFA projects and I know what it takes to get to a high level in sports, especially in football.

This Masterclass is really required in today's world of Football. In India there are hardly any programs that are worth it. But this Masterclass is really coming at the right time - it is for Indian kids and parents who want to consider football seriously.

The contents are divided well into various segments - it is very detailed. One understands that going forward, a lot of individual attention should be paid to the players, and that is what is missing today in many of the sports academies - anywhere in the world.

I have not seen anything like this in any of the academies, any of the associations or sports bodies. This program explains the 360˚ approach towards the development of a young player.

I think as a parent you will be comfortable with this program and secure in what you’re investing in. You should really invest into something like this Masterclass for the betterment of your child.
Sreejith G K, India, Bangalore
The best thing I liked about Masterclass was very simple narrative. Even as a layman you can understand the content and all what Satyajit explained there. Also he gave a lot of examples through which one could feel a good connect.

I used to think that residential academies are the only professional academies. And when he explained the ecosystems I understood how it all works - it was really an eye – opener for me.

Similarly I used to wonder how to find balance between academics and football. He explained how important this is – to find the balance - and how it is possible. That was a huge comfort for me and I could really relate to it.

I would recommend every parent who would like to support their kids in their pursuit of football as a serious career to watch this. It will be a very comprehensive guide and an answer to most of the questions which are in your mind.

This Masterclass is recognized by many football experts:

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